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Dr Saman Khorraminejad

Specialist in ear, nose, throat and head and neck surgery

He was born in 1347 in Tehran. In 1365, he graduated from Kharazmi High School in the field of mathematics and physics with a diploma and was accepted with the 14th rank in the medical entrance exam of the same year. In 1373, he succeeded in obtaining a general doctorate from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and in 1379, he obtained the specialized board of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery from Iran University of Medical Sciences.


Scientific and educational activities of Dr. Saman Khorminejad :

  • Teaching and training medical students in the University of Medical Sciences
  • Presentation of numerous articles in the field of ear, throat and nose
  • Tutor of students for thesis
  • Supervisor of Department of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department of Imam Reza Hospital


Practical Activities :

Performing otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery, nose and face cosmetic surgeries .in several medical and educational centers in Tehran, Ibn Sina Hospital and Imam Reza Hospital.

تماس سریع با دکتر خرمی نژاد